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College students usually start looking for a job before they reach their senior year. First, look at company brochures and attend job fairs to choose the company you want to work for. They will look at your resume and work history, take an exam and make a selection. After a few exams and interviews, the company decides on a tentative job offer. In the past, students received numerous letters from companies that wanted to hire them.

Many students were able to choose the company of their choice. However, due to the recent recession, students are receiving fewer and fewer letters from companies, and fewer and fewer companies are willing to give them the opportunity to interview.

Some popular companies choose a single employee from thousands of applicants. Some students postpone graduation to the following year in the hope that this situation will improve. This period has come to be called the “super ice age of recruitment.” Partly because of this, the percentage of recent college graduates in casual employment seems to have increased in recent years.

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