Introducing Japanese ceramics 1

Ceramics were brought to Japan from China in the Nara period and their production flourished with the tea ceremony during the Momoyama period. Jiki, a type of porcelain, was also introduced from China. Jiki made in Japan was exported to Europe by the Dutch East India Company and its artistry was appreciated. Lacquerware refers to tools and ornaments made by applying layers and layers of lacquer to various wooden and paper products. The varnish used to apply the lacquer is actually the sap of the lacquer tree. This sap is said to have been used in Japan as early as the Jomon period, mainly as a preservative and adhesive. Since then, it has been used in various ways up to the present day. In addition to wood products, it has also proved useful in decorating glass, metal, fabric and other substrates. In woodworking, lacquer is used to apply lacquer to everyday objects next to kitchen utensils such as trays, shelves and wooden pencils.

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